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Cookies Cooking School - Established 2003

Now Celebrating 10 Years of Cooking!

Have a fantastic time with Cookies Cooking School, learning about 'what we eat' and how to make food exciting!

Make delicious recipes using fresh ingredients and experiment with new flavours and skills.

Crack eggs, make dough, make a mess! It is all a part of learning.

Make friends, learn new recipes, try new foods. It is all so exciting!

Our structured Stages offer children from pre-school to adults to learn how to enjoy food in an educational but fun way.

We tailor workshops for schools suitable for all ages and abilities (including special needs) - see our Schools page, we also specialise in Vulnerable Children & Adults - see our Specialist Workshops page.

We are extremely proud to be Winners of the People's Choice for the British Cookery Awards 2013 and Best Community Engagement in 2012. As well as finalists for Best Specialist School, Carole Rose as Best Tutor and Sara Pike as Unsung Hero. Such an achievement to be recognised for our work within the community.

Plus, why not have your own Cookies Birthday Party? Do something different and fun!

click here to buy our recipe cards to cook again at home  Focaccia Bread Spaghetti Bolognaise Bake Raspberry Bread & Butter Pudding Plum Tart
Fruity Flapjacks Sweet Chilli Chicken Spring Rolls Tiramisu Buttermilk Scones
Bacon & Tomato Quiche Mango Chicken & Jewelled Couscous

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